Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Super Happy Fun Time!

My Labor Day weekend was just packed with fun. First off it was pay day and then my glorious coworkers and I celebrated with lunch at La Frontera. We were all feeling fat and sassy after completing our meals of melted cheese and giant pork cubes.

Next up was Costco. My dear child fell asleep on the way and there is nothing better than a sleeping child at Costco. We were able to go up each and every aisle to peruse the goods and services available to us as members. There was no shrieking, no running and no demand for "mo" churro. The storm started to hit when we left so we drove out to G-ma's for the evening. Babies are always better when there's a G-ma involved.

Finally, as the weekend came to a close, I decided to do something motherly. I made home made oreo cookies. My sister promptly told me that hers were better, but I've never had any of these supposed cookies that she makes. These cookies turned out to be the best ever for the "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" marathon going on in my living room. Sophia will only allow this show to play and screams "babies!" until we start it up. So I plopped a giant cookie in her hand and left her to own devices while I cleaned. I am such a domestic goddess.

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Young Family said...

Why is it when I read your blog I always get hungry?