Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where my Icee go?!

This is Sophia sleeping on the way home from the zoo Sunday. When we
were leaving we picked up a few Icee's to cool off. Sophia didn't
drink much of hers and it melted pretty quickly. I dumped it down the
drain and rinsed the cup when we got home since she was still
sleeping. Ever since she has been looking for/demanding her Icee.
"Where my Icee go?" has been screamed at me constantly. Why is it
always my fault that something has gone missing? I think Steve has
been putting ideas in her head. He still thinks I threw out his
scrapbook. It's so hard to be picked on.

Monday, July 6, 2009

You Go Sleep, Mama!

We were hanging out at SugHo Park having a little swing when I
determined that the pain in my hand was enough that I would have to
get off. Swinging was so easy when I was younger and didnt have
arthritis. Sophia was riding on Steve's swing and good ol' Sassy
Pants was poking a little fun at me. "Mama tired! She go take a nap!".
I don't see why I have to be treated this way.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I love festival food

Sophia insisted on having a hot dog for lunch. She was so hungry after
playing at the park that I had to stop at the SugHo Arts Festival,
find the hot dogs and sit down and tell her over and over "eat
slowly!" "remember to chew!" "take little bites!". Despite my coaching
she finished the hot dog and large bag of chips in about two minutes.
I think this photo really shows how much she wanted me to bother her
with photos.