Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I have to listen to...

Here's something that was totally unexpected on Sesame Street.

Super Fun Night!

I promised more photos from last Saturday and they will be interspersed throughout my story of tonight's adventures.

Sophia started out in fine spirits tonight. She ate all of her dinner, asked for seconds and danced to Elmo. Then we had the gall to draw a bubble bath for her.

She refused to take her clothes off, opting instead to rip tissues out of the tissue box. Once undressed Sophia splashed her hands in the water and dumped water on the floor.

Another new trick is pinching her nose and yelling "ewwww" as if one of us stinks. If we don't play along she pinches our nose and yells "ewww" for us. Tonight this resulted in a big bloody scratch on my nose from her devil fingernails.

That was the last straw so I slapped lotion, diaper and jammies on her and handed her over to dear daddy.

What a great night.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This may be a cliche...

I thought this video of Sophia dancing to "Thriller" was hilarious.

More to come from our adventures today at Gardner Village.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mommy and Me Gymnastics

Here's a video from gymnastics:

Hope you like it!

P.S: It took me 15 minutes to get this to work so you had better enjoy it.

Everything old is new again

Earlier this year I bought Sophia a lovely new chair from Target. It was plush and pink and full of girliness. About six months later it was a disgusting mess that I hid from visitors.

I had tried to clean the chair before with little success. Scrubbing the chair would pull up the fibers and leave bare spots, vacuuming only reduced the chunks of food. I was discussing the dilema today with Alyssa, who also owns this chair and has had the same experience, and I remembered something I saw on "How Clean Is Your House?". They often use household items to clean and one of their favorites is bath soap wrapped in a soft cloth. They have used this product to clean toys, couches and anything else that requires a delicate touch. I decided to give it a whirl. Here's the 'before' shot:

I used a soft cloth that was wrung out and used a bar of unscented soap, the right arm was tackled first and I had great results.

I finished the rest of the chair, using 5 cloths total, and the chair looks great!

Sophia loved it and immediately hopped in with a cup of chocolate milk to begin the process all over again.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dinner at my house is a delight

My dearest Sophia was really enjoying dinner last night. Apparently the way a child shows delight is by popping their feet up onto the dining room table. Maybe she learned it from Steve, hmmm.

The thing that surprises me most about the photo is how giant her feet look! It makes me worry that she will turn out like her amazon mother and have feet that require special order shoes. You should all pray for her now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Firefox is not my friend

I had to drag Tasha over here today to help me figure out how my blog works. You know what the problem was? Firefox! All the fancy tools only work with Internet Explorer. Now that I am using IE for blogging you should be seeing a lot more neat stuff.

I got a video camera, the Flip Video Ultra, last week so videos will be posted soon. As soon as I talk to Erin and find out how to do it.