Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seriously, heel pain?

I believe I have plantar fasciitis. This sucks, yo. The recommendation for treatment is that you stay off the foot and do some stretches. How am I supposed to keep training? Maybe I can start swimming. I'm no good at swimming, but I think that's my only option. Bah! I was going to do more racing! Wah!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So I wasn't last...part 2

Okay, so all those people (3) are cheering and trying to get the last of us to get moving.  I finally leave behind the other slow people and really pick up the pace.  Round the right corner, round the right corner, another corner and  I'll be going in a circle, bah!  I am second guessing my choice to pick up the pace.

I finally make a left and there is the finish line.  Now I'm getting all emotional (because I have been unemotional for the last half hour) and would like for there to only be strangers at the end so no one has to see me cry.  I can see that this is not going to be possible because there is a little jumping pink shirt ahead waving.

Leslie is cheering and I'm choking back tears and she starts to run along side of me.  Double Bah!  I cross the finish line at 3:05:28.  I wish I had pictures of the maze I had to walk through.  I know it would be useful when there are 400 racers finishing at the same time but this is not one of those times.

Rick takes some photos and I drag my butt to the food that they have set out.  I grab an orange slice and IT IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER HAD.  I mean this thing is better than the sandwich they gave me at the hospital after being in labor for 22 hours.

Free massage..I could use one of those...They hand me a paper ask me to fill out my name and address.  Apparently the ability to write is one of those things that you lose when you are exhausted and dehydrated.  My hand is shaking and I ask the woman 3 times how much I have to fill out.  I guess I was hoping that she would tell me that I didn't have to fill out anything.

Once the massage was complete I took a bunch of oranges (THE BEST ORANGES IN THE WORLD!) and sat in my car eating for half an hour. I was getting orange juice all over myself but I didn't care, I took my orange juice/sweat soaked self to La Fronter for lunch.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So I wasn't last...part 1

Leslie and I met at 8:30 on Saturday. There were lots of professional runners out there who ran, RAN, to the race. THEY RAN TO THE RACE. Ha! It's funny to watch the super runners with legs that are bigger than my head walk to the same starting line as us.

The wind was so extreme it felt like 10 degrees.  Even with a headband and gloves I was miserable.  Leslie didn't have either so I don't know how she was keeping a smile on her face.  After sitting in my car watching everyone warm up we walked to the starting line.  As we are marching in place, Leslie turns and says "Is now a good time to tell you this is really hilly?" with a big shit eating grin on her face.  I just wave off the comment.

We start!  We are at the back.  We are WAY at the back.

Two women in running skirts keep passing us then start walking after they pass us.  This goes on for 4 miles.  To make up for my annoyance (75 passings) the one on the right has her skirt fall off.  Then my pants fall down.  I resolve to buy new pants, this is still not done and the Salt Lake half is in two more sleeps.

We run into the river bottoms and then out for our first hill.  It really sucks.  We pass running skirt girl number 1 who is waiting for her friend to get whatever she needs from her house.  Yes, she stopped at her house.

Back along the same way we came....

Run into river bottoms again, this time on a steep grade with switchbacks down the hill to a long bridge/trail through a marsh.  Mile 5 and we find the "unfinished" part of the trail.  This equates to a .75 mile bit of muddy construction area.  Leslie and I walk.

Running again, feeling kind of good, not hating everyone yet.

Another hill comes up.  All have been steep and this is no different.  We pass the 7 mile point and I must walk.  I have no resolve but Leslie does and she shuffles on ahead.  I make it to the top and try to suck it up.  Leslie is upbeat and I'm thinking we can make it.

Mile 9 ahead and Leslie announces "Look alive, Rick is taking pictures".  Leslie's husband is meeting us at this point to cheer and all I can think is "bathroom!"  After the potty break I try to get going and it's not possible.  I wave Leslie on with a scowl and angry hand motions.   Running skirt girls have passed us.

Mile 10 and I'm depressed.  This is much harder and hillier than expected, it's about 20 degrees and I'm walking.  I call Tasha to complain who offers to pick me up.  I refuse because I'd rather have my internal pity party.

Mile 10.5 and I notice that they are starting to clean up the water table.  Then I'm passed by the truck picking up the signs marking the turns runners should take.  I realize that I've got to get to the finish line. To get to the finish line I have to go up another steep switch back.  I'm trying not to cry/swear loudly/freeze.

Finally on the last 2 miles.  I'm determined to beat the woman ahead of me.  She has been stopping to have her friends take pictures of her along the way.  I have to beat her!  I focus on this instead of the fact that I can't see Leslie's pink top anymore.

Good lord, there are still people trying to rally us at the last half mile and I start up again.  For some reason I don't want them to be disappointed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Le Art Show

Sophia's art is on display at the U of U Union yet again. The
reception was filled with brownies, chips and lemonade. I had a chat
with Xander's parents and met Luke's family as well. It's always nice
to get to meet the parents since I am not in charge of pick up and
drop off.