Monday, August 25, 2008

How Trampolines Hurt America

Well, friends, tonight was supposed to be awesome but that has all gone to hell. My good friend Time Gilles was bringing his dog Ernest over for some one on one time with my Monkey Doodle, but he canceled for some lame reason.

I wish I had known about the canceling before I did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed. I kinda need to know this stuff, but I shouldn't have been surprised by his flakiness (speaking of flakiness, that is the exact opposite of how I would describe my dinner of crab enchiladas from Tres Hombres last Saturday!).

Now on to the title of this blog. My dear Monkey Doodle was having a great time at a mid-week BBQ in Emigration Canyon last week until a trampoline, or tramp, came in to the picture. DH thought it would be a great way to entertain the child, but you can see the before and after photos to your left. Does this look like a happy child who is unfettered by the falling economy and rising gas prices? I think not. We would have been much better off with some good ol' fashioned hopscotch.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wedding Annoyance

Why do people still have lines at weddings? Why not just walk around and greet people? It's much more fun and it means that people can enjoy the display you have created and not wait for 50 minutes before enjoying it? I want to see your dress, I want to hear the stories, I want to talk about how great the reception is, I want to see the new pictures. PLEASE don't make me wait to talk to my mom's friend of 20 years for 50 minutes.

My dear baby didn't get a bath tonight and Steve had to take care of her all night because of this. I did meet all of the sisters, brothers, cousins but I could have done this while enjoying the effort you put in for the whole reception instead of standing in line.

Thank you for the effort and for seeing you in your beautiful dress, your family is wonderful and cute. I hope that you get the best in life.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holy Freaking Cow!

For Reals: Sophia pooped on the potty out of the blue. I was caught off guard and forgot to make up a potty dance. In our excitement and sticker giving I also forgot to take a picture. ;)

I feel so close to the goal of NO DIAPERS that I am quivering in delight. Steve and I might make it through this economic downturn after all.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I couldn't resist any longer

I know that people were expecting me to resist the whole blog thing, but here I am. I too will bore the world with 75,000 photos of my child and all the super cute things she did today. I hope you are ready for this. Oh, and that lovely photo? Just a picture of my dinner from last Tuesday in Chicago.