Monday, March 2, 2009

New room, no dollars

We used to have a bookcase right outside Sophia's door. It was obnoxious and U. G. L. Y. I decided that it was springtime and therefore time for change. We cleared out the crapola that was not Sophia's and moved it into her room. This time there was no 2 year old outrage at the change we were bringing into her life. Instead we were left with a delightful nook for DB to love. We took a bench from her playroom as well to increase the nook-i-ness of it all. Sophia loved it from the start. She pulled books down and read on the bench, ripped out all of the blankets inside and made a complete mess that she ultimately had to clean up. Don't be distracted by the door behind the bench. That's the old door to the closet that now holds our washer and dryer. It's the sort of thing you live with when you have a hundred year old house and no money to overhaul the whole thing. Enjoy!


Kar said...

It's nook'tastic!

Unknown said...

I love the nook!