Monday, February 16, 2009


Naptime is never easy at my house. The only way to get Sophia to sleep is by driving around until she zonks out and then sitting in the car with her for 2-3 hours. I know you are all envying me now.
Essentially, this is what I am doing now. Thank god the wi-fi reaches the driveway. I am now caught up on Facebook, Twitter, this weeks Newsweek. I've also eaten 4 chicken nuggets, they were cold, not good.
My shopping trip to Costco was pretty good. I saw butt crack as soon as I pulled into the parking lot! Sadly, this moment was not captured on film because Tasha did not understand my incredible need to photograph and catalog such moments. The young gentleman realized that he was giving us a show before I could get a shot All was not lost, however. There was a woman inside wearing the best outfit ever. It may have been 44 degrees today but I would hardly think it was shorty short weather. This woman thought it was, but to look more appropriate she pulled on knee high boots, a hoodie and a long scarf. Tasha and I loved her and followed her around the store. I'd post a photo but my iPhone app won't allow it.
There you have it. My whole day. Oh, and I ran into Whit Hollis at Whole Foods. Such fun!

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Kar said...

Yea...parenthood is not for wimps is it? You will be the only parents alive that cheer when your child out grows nap time.