Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Heart Weekends!

I had two awesome things happen this weekend, my handmade quilt goes missing and Sophia was sick. The first involved the quilt that was made for me in Job's Daughters to commemorate my term as Honored Queen for Bethel #1. I submitted mine and Erica's PHQ quilts for display in the quilt show to benefit the Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment fund. I drove down to pick up my quilt after the show was finished and lo and behold, only Erica's quilt was present. Everyone searched for half an hour and it was gone. I was quite miffed but I held myself in check. No sense in yelling at everyone before they had a chance to call the others who had picked up quilts.

The next morning I woke up to Sophia with a temperature of 102 degrees. The Motrin I gave her didn't control the temperature so off to Instacare we drove. Of course I was there too early for them to diagnose anything so we went home with instructions to "watch her". I was planning on that so it didn't add too much more to my day.

Monday I realized that I would have to stay home with her. This began the 10 hours of Elmo. I watched 5 hours before I couldn't take it anymore. I popped in The Little Mermaid to break the cycle of Elmo madness. Sophia knew what a shark was and play screamed while hopping around when the shark was on the screen. I'm not sure how she knew what it was, but daycare does teach her awesome stuff.

That afternoon they called to say that my quilt was found. It had been placed in an office with another woman's quilts. Thank God! I didn't realize that I had such an emotional attachment to my quilt. I was ready to offer a reward to whomever found it, but back to dear baby.

You never realize how scary kids movies are until you watch them with a little one. I tried to skip past the scary bits at the start and end, but Sophia wouldn't have any of it. We had to watch the whole thing three times. Every time the scary parts were on she would snuggle harder and harder. That should have been my warning, but I like to learn the hard way.

That night Sophia began crying at 10:30. I went in to get her and just rubbed her back because she wouldn't sit up. That calmed her down a bit and I went back to bed. This went on about every fifteen minutes until Midnight. I finally decided that she had to come to bed with me. There was no way I could get up over and over! I put her in my bed and began constructing the most amazing Sophia Containment System you have ever seen. I used my Ikea side table and humidifier to hold up my body pillow as a wall and Steve's memory foam pillow as another leg.

Though I was impressed with my ingenuity, Sophia never needed it. She kept her butt pressed against my face or would sit up and ask for Daddy then cram herself into my body to snuggle. No sleep was had that night because if she wasn't moving I was checking to see that she was still breathing.

The next morning she got up at 6:30 and said "Milk, Momma!" She dragged me into the kitchen for her breakfast but it was too early for me. I stuck my hand in the dog treat bag and held it out behind me for Sophia to take. I said over and over "Here you go!" I couldn't understand why she wouldn't take it! I finally realized that the "milk" felt funny in my hand. I put the dog treat away and got a sippy cup together. As soon as I gave it to her I realized that I hadn't put the stoppers in. I wrestled it away from her, took it apart and gave it back.

I was trying to talk myself into taking a shower but I realized that if I was trying to stuff dog treats down my child's throat that maybe I needed more sleep. I resorted to the Elmo trance inducer and fell asleep on the couch.


bbartlett said...

You make me laugh!!!!!! I'm still laughing as i'm leaving this comment. Is sophis feeling any better? Breann is teething and wakes up screaming and putting her butt in my face too. I feel your pain!

Tim said...

Oh, finally a witty anecdote from my long lost pal Abbey. Keep 'em coming. In between elmo episodes, of course.

Unknown said...

Imani used to get so scared watching Alladin. She would cover her face with her hands, but watch the show through her fingers. You oculdn't fast forward it, though...she wanted to see the scary parts. Even if they did scare the hell out of her.
But at least it's not Elmo!!!

Young Family said...

I am officially on the floor laughing. I swear, last week, Reagan was talking and all of a sudden went on a random Elmo laugh! It was freakin' me out! She sounded just like him. WAAAAYYYY to much Elmo.