Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Fun Night!

I promised more photos from last Saturday and they will be interspersed throughout my story of tonight's adventures.

Sophia started out in fine spirits tonight. She ate all of her dinner, asked for seconds and danced to Elmo. Then we had the gall to draw a bubble bath for her.

She refused to take her clothes off, opting instead to rip tissues out of the tissue box. Once undressed Sophia splashed her hands in the water and dumped water on the floor.

Another new trick is pinching her nose and yelling "ewwww" as if one of us stinks. If we don't play along she pinches our nose and yells "ewww" for us. Tonight this resulted in a big bloody scratch on my nose from her devil fingernails.

That was the last straw so I slapped lotion, diaper and jammies on her and handed her over to dear daddy.

What a great night.

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Unknown said...

If I haven't said it before...Steve is a lucky lucky man.