Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My dearest Tasha, I'm so jazzed

It's your birthday-CELEBRATE!

I want you to start out by choosing to have the best year EvAr! I know that you can be the best Legal Assistant, Kwilter, SugHo Krew Cyclist, Person With Better Plans, Scrapbooker, Rollerbladerer that you ever set your mind out to be. Let's do it, girl. Kick some ass! I can't believe how incredible it is to have you as a tier-one-friend. It was destined to be..we can't leave each other....don't let Steve and Rich know.

I'm reusing this pic. I love it.

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Unknown said...

You're the bestest SL EVER, Abbey! Thank you for the Happy Birthday Blog post! I love you to pieces!