Friday, July 9, 2010


I recently visited a bunch of chicken coops on Wasatch Community Garden's Tour de Coop. I wanted to see how other people in town were keeping their chickens so I could get some ideas on what I would need Steve to build. These first two photos are of my favorite coop. This is Tasha's old neighbor's coop. They are quite good gardeners and have two bee hives as well. The coop was built last year and then they built the cover for the run before winter. They used to let the chickens run through the garden but the chickens started to eat everything so this run was built with access to the compost heap.

This is the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. This guy had so many birds! There were ducks and chickens running all over. The area that was given over to the birds was enormous!

All in all I figured out that the chickens will like whatever you make them as long as they have a place to roost, they are safe from predators and you feed them properly. No longer as scary as I thought it could be.


clcfiftycal said...

All hail the urban food producer. IFA is a great resource for chicken raising, even organic. I am currently engaged in a huge project on fresh, local, sustainable food sources. Down with Tyson and the bunch. Spread the word, "Grow your own, or eat your neighbors". Chad

clcfiftycal said...

I am engaging conversation with a local so. jordan butcher who has caught on to raised in s.l. valley, grass fed beef. maybe we can convert steve to the wonders of ribeye, and skirt steak. You can see almost see thier pasture from our deck.

Abbey Harper said...

Sounds great! Let me know!