Sunday, December 7, 2008

Facebook is fun!

This was a very full weekend, I'll just give you the highlights.

Friday morning at work at 1:30 am. Awesome!
Friday afternoon dining with Rich and Tasha at Mi Ranchito. Delicious!

Friday afternoon shopping with Rich and Tasha. Bought a dinosaur!

Friday afternoon watched Rich and Tasha decorate. Decoratious!
Saturday afternoon shopping at Wal-Mart. Bargaintastic!

Saturday night wandering through Zoo Lights. Roaring good fun!

Sunday afternoon scanning photos for Facebook. 3 whole hours!

Sunday afternoon baking 6 dozen cookies and searching on Facebook. Delicious again!


Unknown said...

I can't believe you posted a picture of my boyfriend's ass. Awesome.

Kar said...

Why is everyone going to Facebook? What is so grand about it? I don't get it.